Ass. Prof. PhDr. Jaroslav Peška, PhD.

Ass. Prof. PhDr. Jaroslav Peška, PhD.




Director of the Archaeological Centre in Olomouc. Graduated at the Komenský University in Bratislava, study subject archaeology. In 2015 he became the associate professor at the Rzeszów University in Poland. He took a part in many foreign study visits (Mainz, Vienna, Stockholm, Schleswig, Kiel, Halle), as well as in many international expeditions (Famagusta, Istanbul, Hajdunánas, Kujava in Monte Negro). He is a regular participant of international scientific conferences. He is also a correspondence member of the German Archaeological Institute. Further, he is a member of the editorial boards of the Sprawozdania Archeologiczne and Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica journals, as well as a member of the EAA and “Archeologie et gobelets” archaeological associations.


His main scientific focus is the European Eneolithic and the beginnings of the Bronze Age, specifically the beginnings of metallurgy, graves of metallurgists, genesis and socio-economic structure of this period, including absolute chronology. As a supporter of the interdisciplinary cooperation of archaeology with natural sciences, he provoked a founding of the ERCA Centre. He also took a part in several international projects, such as “The Yamnaya Impact on Prehistoric Europe” (ERC project at the Helsinki University), or “Principal Graves at the Adriatic Coast in the Third Millennium BCE and their Relation to the Surrounding World” (trilateral project in cooperation with DAI Berlin and CKA CG Cetinje).


As the ACO director, he is responsible of a coordination of all projects in the company. Also, he is a supervisor of all local and international contacts, including contract relationships.





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