RNDr. Miriam Nývltová Fišáková, PhD.

RNDr. Miriam Nývltová Fišáková, PhD.




Graduated at the Faculty of Sciences of the Charles University in Prague. Geology was her main subject with specialization on the palaeontology of big mammals and humans. She is employed as a scientific assistant  at the Department of Physiology of the Faculty of Medcine of the Masaryk University. She is professionally interested in osteology, geochemistry, comparative physiology of mammals and human ancestors, archaic DNA analyses of humans and other mammals. Also, she cooperated with criminalists from the Department of murders and missing persons of Czech Police in Prague on the identification of an unknown woman. She is a lecturer at Czech (Charles University in Prague, Masaryk University in Brno, Silesian University in Opava and University of Ostrava) and foreign (University of Wroclaw, University of Poznan and University of Cambridge) universities, she is also a tutor of many undergraduate and graduate students. In the ERCA Centre she is in charge of the zooarchaeological analyses, stable isotope analysis, use wear analyses of bone tools and archaic DNA analyses.





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E-mail: miriam.nyvltova@med.muni.cz

Phone: +420 777 337 929



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